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Medical Supply

Handheld Infrared Thermometer

R 373.75

  • 1 - 5 cm distance
  • 0.5-sec diagnostics rate
  • Automatic Stop -7 sec
  • Memory- 99 measurements
  • Dimensions - 149(L)95(W)45(H)mm
  • 3-color fever status
  • Delivery: 7-10 working days

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Medical Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

Introducing the medical infrared (IR) thermometer, designed as a handheld device that can detect the body temperature by using a non-contact method of measurement. This instrument can also measure surface temperature of objects using the Surface Temperature function and the non-invasive and non-contact method of temperature measurement removes the issue of having to rely on using a physical contact on the person or surface to get a reading from it, making it ideal for use in environments like hospitals, other medical and healthcare environments and more. This IR laser temperature detector provides fast sampling with high accuracy, making it an incredibly useful and versatile tool across a range of applications.

Features and Benefits:

o   This medical grade infrared temperature detector has an ergonomic grip for ultimate user comfort and to allow continuous use over extended periods of time

o   The built-in laser targeting allows for better and more accurate targeting to ensure optimum measurement accuracy and precise non-contact temperature readings using the Body or Surface Temperature functions

o   This infrared thermometer has an In Body temperature range of +32°C to +42.5°C with an accuracy of ±0.3°C (includes a user-selectable option for reading in Celsius or Fahrenheit)

o   The LCD display with a backlight feature allows for easy to see results on the screen but also allows the instrument to be used in low-light environments

o   This IR unit has a function to set an alarm, as well as capacity to memorise 32 measurements

o   The selectable C° / F° display and automatic data hold feature allows for greater versatility across a range of applications

o   This IR thermometer features an auto power-off function to save the battery usage

·        The unit is powered by 2x AA batteries


Infrared thermometers are instruments that measure the surface temperature of an object. They generally use a laser to point at the surface for the reading to be taken, whilst others include a temperature probe that measures the inside temperature of an object. Infrared thermometers are an essential device for individuals who need to measure the temperatures of something without physically touching the item. They can be found in the following areas:

o   Medical and healthcare environments like hospitals, clinics and primary care units

o   HVAC

o   Industrial processes and manufacturing

o   Environmental testing

·        Scientific and Educational

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